Thursday, April 28, 2011

So now that we have made it to week five all that is left is the tournament until we make the jump to 2000pts

For those of you with the points we will be starting at 4pm next Wednesday and we will go for 3 rounds Get your lists ready because you will have to play the same list for 3 games in a row so make sure its something you can live with!!

Here are a few pics of our last week at 1000pts

Monday, April 18, 2011

Feast of Blades Con 2011 Announced

From Chandler over at

Feast of Blades 2011 dates announced!!!
We will be hosting the Feast of Blades Convention on....

November 4th, 5th, and 6th.
Location: Red Lion Hotel, North Denver I-70 and Quebec.

Yes, that is right, a whole weekend of bashing your friends (and strangers) faces in. I will post more here in the next following weeks and check in often as updates will be posted.

Feast of Blades TO

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Week Three Of the Demolition Corps Fantasy League

So alot of people got some new models painted this week here are some shots!

                                                   Some of Jacob's Demons of Chaos

                                                      Ruperto's Warriors of Chaos

 Michael has Finished a unit of Vampire Counts Blood Knights

 Jeremy's Skaven vary nice and this is his first time painting mini's

 Kims Lizard men again a first time painter!

 I managed to finish one of my two cannons.
 John's Beastmen Hero!

 Corey's Britonians! Custom made swords!

                           And some shots of the games that were played tonight!!! 2 weeks left! There were some good games played tonight I look forward to next week!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Movement trays!!!

So I am doing a demo of this on Wednesday as well but I thought I would post it up here so that those that cant make it or those that do and need a refresher can come check it out.

So first are the things you will need.
-Plastruct plastic sheets, get something that is decently think but not so thick you can cut it other wise you will either have a tray too flimsy or way to hard. Or if you are at the Westminster store evergreen plastic sheets are the same thing just a different company.
-Evergreen/ Plastruct strips. I use .008 x .125 ( item code evg166 in case we are out and you need to order some.)strips but anything that is tall enough to prevent your models from falling over is fine.
-Plastic weld- I'm using Tamiya here but because there factory was destroyed recently you will probably want to use the other plastic weld we have at the store. I don't use normal glue here because it tends to be too thick and it globs up the movement tray. Also on flat surfaces plastic weld is a much stronger hold.

Start by placing your 90 degree angle down. I like to use the edge of the plastic sheet because its easy. Try and make the plastic sheet you are going to be using bigger then you will need. It makes everything alot simpler in the long run.

Next line up your models on the angle you just made. I prefer to use empty bases but as most of you already have built and semi or finished models you will be doing this for I know that's not a option. 

 Next add the other 90 degree angle along the back of your unit. Remove the models as fast as you can once this is done so you don't glue them to the tray!

Next score the edge of the tray with a hobby knife and then fold the plastic over. It should be easy to pull off at this point. I like to start with the long edge first then do the short edge but it dose not really matter in the long run.

With your hobby knife trim up the edges so there flush with the plastic strips. Be careful not to cut into the strips or your finger as you do this.

The last step is to go around all the edges of the plastic strips with a little more plastic weld to make sure they all stay in place. And that is all folks you have a perfectly decent movement tray to push some dudes around and win wars for chaos or the empire!

And here is one with the unit inside ready to fight.

By the way as much as I would like to take credit for these I cant. They were shown to me by a good friend who works at the Fort Collins store James Fritz. So if you like these and are ever up there make sure you thank him for the great idea!!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

New Blog for the store and fantasy league!!!

Welcome Hobby Town Gamers. Hopefully this Blog will be helpful for everyone attending events at this store.
Most of you will be playing in the Warhammer Fantasy League and I will be able to make announcements and updates as too whats going on with that on the blog. For those of you that don't know we are currently in our 2nd week and moving onto the 3rd by the time of this post.

The rules for the grow league are as follows.
-1000 points of the army of your choice standard force org as per the 8th edition rules.
- Each game you play will be worth points a win is 2 points a loss is 1 point.
- you will get 5 points for painting any one unit or hero during the course of the league. ( I.E its OK to bring unpainted armies that's what we want!!)
- Points cap at 10 points over the course of the league those people that get all 10 league points will be able to compete in the 1000 point turny and get the chance to win free GW prize support!!
-after the first 5 weeks we will move to 1500 points. More info to come.

Make sure that whatever hobby you might play at the store you get signed up for a hobby town card they are totally free and they save you money!! How cool is that!

We also have some Roleplayers at the store on Saturdays and Sundays. Saturdays is D&D and Sundays they are playing Gurps.

Welcome everyone if you have any questions just call the store or send me a e-mail.