Monday, June 11, 2012


So for today’s battle report, it’s the waaghhh versus the crazy space marines (Blood Angels). We rolled for table quarter’s deployment and capture and control. The Orks placed there’s cunningly in the same building as the Lootas (at least it was until the end), and the Blood Angels also placed there’s in the building they occupied (good thinking that it was a scoring unit).

Before the Orks could even march there way towards the Blood Angel corner, out of nowhere, fell a drop pod that landed right in front of the Stormboyz and behind the kanz line. Out came a death company dreadnought, which then wasted the Deff Dread before it had a chance to turn around.

With a target right in front of them, the lootas got excited and unloaded on the drop pod, which exploded in a spectacular fashion, which took out a couple of storm boyz (I bet they were whooping in joy to see an explosion that close anyway). A squadron of kanz then turned to menace the dreadnought with their kustom mega-blastas and turned it into scrap and didn’t even get into close combat (much to there dismay).

The space marine reserves showed up and split into two teams to each try and dominate the terrain. One group went towards the storm boyz, while the other headed for the objective. The storm ravens unloaded a group of death company psychos and another crazy dreadnought. This dreadnought preceded to eat the group of 20 boyz in one round of combat!?!?!?!?
 The Orks got some revenge the next turn in Close combat by completely surrounding the jump marines and walking away with only losing 1 boy (he was the runt anyway). The kanz then moved on the dreadnought to test their mettle against and walked away while only losing one of their group.

The librarian dreadnought decided to face the warboss head on by jumping directly in front of his trukk. The warboss decided to meet this challenge with his group of nobz and big mek and crushed the librarian dread. He then realized that there was a lot of guns aimed at his direction and made for the ruins before they could unload on him. 

Well they all decided to unload on him. Every marine saw the warboss threat and took action, two storm ravens, a squad of marines, and the crazy ones took their shots (which is a boatload of very accurate shots) and then the crazy guys moved in and took the kill in close combat.

The deff coptas had gone for the Blood Angels objective and was able to take out the marines guarding it, but sadly didn’t know what to do with it afterwards and just spent the rest of the game buzzing around. The storm boyz had headed there just in case there were more heads to crack, but got there too late and then got shot up by a storm raven for their trouble.

The rest of the turns where grinding assaults on the kanz and a group of marines moving towards the Ork objective. They were able to take out all but one of the lootas, who in an amazingly non-orky way didn’t run for the hills, in the end the Blood Angels where able to take the Ork objective and win the day 2-0