Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Flames Of War At Hobby Town Westminster

So Flames of War. Like most of you I have heard of it but never really got the models in my hands or looked at the rules before.  So the guys down at battle front miniatures gave me there Starter set to build and paint and see what it is all about. So I thought I would go through it with you all step by step.  

 So the Set comes with 5 tanks in a pretty durable thick plastic. There is a good amount of options on each tank for customization so you can make all five of them look pretty unique. You get two German Stug G's and three American M4A1 Sherman's 

 Both the Rule book and the Intro guide are Full color. The rule book is the full edition of the game that you would get if you bought the 3rd ed hard back. Un-like Games workshop and Warmachine this is the full book just smaller. So none of the fluff is cut from it. ( Although there really is not a hole lot of that in this book anyways.) 
I have noted a problem with the book in that the pages fall out of it fairly easy. So be careful with it. 

 All five tanks went together pretty good with out that much clean up needed. and maybe took 30 min in all. 
 So this was my first go at painting anything in the 15mm area. I have to be honest I did not spend that much time on them. Pretty much base coat and a wash with a little bit of detailing. Like adding the Stars on the Sherman's and the Iron Crosses on the Stug's but from start to finish I maybe spent 2 hours and 30 min from open to painted. And the results are pretty good. 

I have not gotten a Chance to play yet but I have flipped through the rules and it seems pretty cool. 
I will post up a quick report of a demo game once I get the chance to play it. 
All in all though I have to say I give this starter set top marks. Considering that its less then $40 for the starter set.