Sunday, October 21, 2012

November Events!


November is almost upon us and there are some cool events taking place Here at Hobby Town Westminster! Firstly On November 3rd we will have a 35 point 2 list Warmachine/ Hordes Tournament. Steam roller Rules and Missions will be In place. 
Coins For first second and third as well as gift cards will go out to the players. 
Entry Fees will be 10 dollars.
                                                        Further Details on the forums.

But That's Not all Folk's I am also running a Tournament for Warhammer Fantasy Battles. 
This will be 2400 points three round Tournament to be held on the 17th.
Entry Fees will be 10 dollars and Prizes will go to first second third and players choice best painted. More details on the forums. I am really excited to play in and run a Fantasy tournament, 
It has been way too long between Fantasy events!

I look forward to seeing you at the store! Happy November!