Sunday, April 28, 2013

Destructinarium was a success

The warma/hordes destructinarium was a success and a great way to kick off the summer. I want to say thanks to everyone who showed up, especially to the guys coming up from the springs. Another huge thanks to Chris Gilligan for bringing the chess clocks.

 So we ended up having three rounds. The first round was destruction, then ammunition run, and the last round was close quarters. We had a pretty diverse show with Menoth having the biggest showing.

 Trolls played by Geoff took first place with a doomshaper list. He also had a Borka list that took the MVP when he passed 5 tough rolls and was able to drunken stumble away from combat each time.
 Dan took second with LMakeda and Skorne
and third was Joe with eFiora and Menoth

Thanks again for everyone coming and all having some good games

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