Thursday, April 11, 2013

Play it Painted At Hobby Town Westminster and Fort Collins!

Ok Most of you will have heard about something like this.
Maybe you are on the Warmachine Facebook page and are part of it.Maybe you saw it on cool minis or not. What ever the case may be I am shamelessly stealing this Idea. I do this for two reasons, Firstly Because I want to see more painted army's at our game store. Secondly Because I want to grow our community and reward it for its hard work.  

 So here is how it works. It really easy even more so then the other ones mostly because I hate a ton of rules and want to keep this fast and easy. All you have to do Is post a picture of your unpainted models on our forums. Then paint those models and post a picture of that on the forums when your done. Your name will be entered into the raffle and you will have a chance to win $10.00 gift card! You can only enter once a month. Single models gets your name entered once into the raffle. a unit gets it in there twice and a Large model ( Storm raven, Land raider, Hive tyrant or Colossal or Gargantuan) gets you three Entry's!!  How cool is that its like free money for you to do something you should be doing anyways!

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