Saturday, April 13, 2013

Hobby Town Gaming Saturday 13-04-13

 What a great day of gaming we Had space marines with Tau vs Grey knights, Necron's Vs Grey Knights, Orks vs Chaos, Nids vs Tau, and More Tau vs Grey knights. We have seen some cool things from the Tau so far and from what I have seen there Long awaited Codex is one that can stand the test of time in case they have to wait another 11 years!

Also there were Games of Fantasy Warhammer played today. We had some Orcs and goblins Vs Lizard men and Orcs and goblins Vs Skaven. High elves amased there force's to face the Vampire counts and the Skaven. And Empire was seen on the field of battle fighting off there old foes the Vampire counts! Here is a battle report of that game!

Hopefully the Next few weeks we can see some more Warmachine and Malifaux on the tables. Until next time!

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